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 Boycott ALL products of USA


: Boycott ALL products of USA   6/1/2009, 16:26

If we can not provide direct support to our people in Gaza
At least we can hurt our enemies from our place..
America supports the massacre of the Palestinian people with all publicly insolence..
Let's show them that we can be united and cause casualties in their economy.. So, boycott U.S. products, which are so many in our countries.

Boycott has proven it's great results during the boycott of Danish products.. Especially at a time of American industry crisis because of the global economic crisis.. and do NOT be deceived when some companies claim that they are 100% local factories, as they all bring their ready production materials from the US, and they pay millions of Dollars to their American mother companies, which in turn supports the Zionist entity, with tens of millions..

Let's STOP our support for the killers of our own children.. I will not pay the fare of the killers to enjoy a "grain of ice", a piece of chocolate, or a cigarette and a cup of coffee!!

US Products are well known.. however, this is a reminder of the most significant:
1. McDonald's
2. Pizza Hut
3. KFC
4. PEPSI (PEPSI, Aquafina water, Mountain Dew, Lays chips,...)
5. Coca Cola
6. Philip Morris (Marlboro, L&M, Parliament, Merit,...)
7. Starbucks
8. Burger King
9. Fridays
10. Hardee's
11. Baskin Robin's
12. Clothes products like Levi's & Nike
13. Automobile Companies (Ford, General Motors, & Chrysler)

If we can not be with the people of Gaza in such disaster, then when????


: : Boycott ALL products of USA   7/1/2009, 15:48

of course if there are lots of obstacles, such as the Palestinian
National Authority, which is continued, but it must be an Israeli, what
we can work

: : Boycott ALL products of USA   7/1/2009, 17:50

We are not only pray
Boycott ALL products of USA
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